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PLUM STUDIO is a London-based design company that combines the wealth of skills and experience of Jim Stanton (graphic designer and photographer) and Jo Glanville-Blackburn (author, journalist and stylist), coupled with a trusted network of media associates. Together we can create and produce, from start-to-finish, every promotional design project required: from brochures, booklets and advertorials, to luxury books, posters and packaging.

We’re a lean, flexible team of experts with a reputation for being imaginative, responsive, with an essential eye for detail, and are able to undertake even the most challenging creative projects, big or small, from concept to finished product; providing you with a one-stop, all-inclusive design service that meets your individual needs, every time.

'Working with Jo and Jim at Plum Studios was an effortless experience, with two highly professional, talented and creative individuals who have a complete focus on attention to detail and delivering outstandingly on the brief". JANE McCORRISTON Proctor & Gamble